News & Updates

Dear Partners,

We have two important updates for you.

1. Unfortunately, 2% mining contract is temporarily out of stock. As always all clients who already bought it will continue to receive daily profit till the end of their contract.

2. We are happy to share awesome news. We have been working on this project since we have started our company. Finally we have managed to find location with the cheapest electricity on the market and build their new mining data center with best mining farms.

That is why we offer you new mining contract 150% After 30 Days. The amount of contracts is limited, so hurry up.

Min. deposit amount: 0.001 btc.
Max. deposit amount: 1 btc.

Best Regards,
Fresh Mining Team.
Sep-8-2020 06:50:20 PM
We have awesome news! Fresh Mining team has started own YouTube channel. Check our our first video from our main office building. We are happy to introduce you our team and we strongly believe in constant innovation and doing everything in our power to provide value to the 100.000+ users we serve daily.

Please subscribe to our channel and share the link with your friends and in social media. Soon we are planning to show you our mining locations and start 24/7 stream from our datacenters.
Sep-1-2020 08:43:43 PM
Today we would like to share another great news with you.

As you already know our credo is to be totally transparent and honest with our investors. Fresh Mining company was founded by a small team of crypto enthusiasts and making money was never our main goal.

We strongly believe that the company becomes successful only if it provides useful services to its customers and our main service is to provide an opportunity to earn to any person in any country. Bitcoin is beyond borders, countries and politics. It is a phenomenon of our time that unites people all over the world.

That is why we would like to share with you how our company manages its funds.

1. 30% of company’s profit is deposited to our reserve fund, which is already equal to 850 BTC. Is is diversified in different currencies and stored in different countries. In case of any scenario we will be able to fulfill our contractual obligations and always pay to our investors in timely manner.

2. Around 60% of our profit we invest in buying new equipment and building new data centers.

3. 10% is used to pay electricity bills and salary to our staff.

Best Regards,
Fresh Mining Team.
Aug-14-2020 04:54:26 AM