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Our New AI Trading Bot!
Fresh Mining LTD

Dear investors and visitors of our site!

We are happy to share another good news with you. Our engineers from IT Department finally finished creating our new trading bot. It took almost 3 months to finish this new trading algorithm. Almost 30 people have been working on this task. We used huge data sets (2 years of trading statistics) for machine learning.
We are proud that this algorithm is unique and as far as we know, no one has anything similar to our complicated algorithm. This is truly revolutionary artificial intelligence!

We have tested it on our real trading account during last 14 days and it was able to to increase it's initial deposit by 218%.

What does this mean for our company and personally for you?

This means a lot. Our company's capital and our investors' deposits became even more secure. We have lowered risks to the level of bank deposits, but providing such high interest rate at the same time, which no bank can offer.

Have a wonderful day,
Fresh Mining Team.
Mar-3-2020 04:10:25 PM