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8 Things You Can Do to Avoid Scams
Today we would like to talk about very important topic, namely how to spot and avoid fake mining companies, that try to steal your money.

With the growing popularity of crytocurrency, a huge number of fraudsters have appeared. Scammers learned to create exact copies of real companies and easily trick people into investing. They are not only scamming people, but ruin reputation of legal companies and whole mining industry. Moreover their activities cause enormous damage to the entire cryptocurrency market. People start loosing faith in Bitcoin and also start associating all companies with scammers.

Here, at Fresh Mining LTD, we see our main mission in popularization of cryptocurrency market and helping people to start earning. Notwithstanding huge number of fake companies, we strongly believe, that if people would have enough knowledge and information on how to spot fake website they will be able to avoid it and stop scammers.

Top 8 things that should be on your checklist before investing

1. Legal company always should have official registration and address.

i.e., Fresh Mining LTD is registered in the United Kingdom as "Fresh Mining LTD".

Our headquaters address is 56 Holywell Row, Liverpool Street, London, United Kingdom.

2. Legal company must have active customer support, that you will be able to contact any time.

i.e., our online chat is always available and ready to help you with any issue.

3. Legal websites always have About Us and Contact Us pages, where you can find address, email and other important information.

You can see our website and check how it should look like.

4. Real cloud mining websites should pay daily and work at least 30 days.

According to our investigation the majority of scammers close their websites and stop paying after 2 weeks.

Fresh Mining LTD is successfully working for almost 4 months now and we have been paying daily without any delays.

5) Legal companies must have active social networks.

i.e., you can find links to our facebook and telegram accounts on the top of our page.

6) Always try to contact support via email or online chat before investing. Scammers usually don’t read emails and don’t reply.

7) Legal mining companies NEVER offer high profit. Stay away from any websites that offer you extremely high daily profit.

8) Check Whois information of the domain to see the real date when domain was registered and compare it to what is said on the website.

We hope that this list will help you to avoid scams in the future. We will continue to post useful tips and advices on different topics.

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Feb-25-2020 07:59:09 PM