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3 Months of Work and the New Datacenter!
We have two great news today!

Fresh Mining LTD

First of all, Today our company celebrates 3 months of successful work. Fresh Mining reached more than 100 000 registered members! Our current total hashrate power is 1029 PH/s in the main data center in London, but we are constantly upgrading and adding new equipment.

Last but not least, the construction of second mining data center in Amsterdam is 100% finished and we are already installing new mining equipment. We are planning to increase our total hashrate by 300% by the end of March.

We appreciate every member and we are really thankful for your trust in us. Fresh Mining Team will do our best to make every client satisfied.
Kindly remind you that Fresh Mining is the only cloud mining service that pays highest commission with the fixed daily profit without any fees! Your earnings depend only on the amount of power that you purchase.

Feb-7-2020 05:43:44 PM