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500% After 365 days – New Mining Contract!
Unfortunately, our 3% Daily Contracts are almost sold out and currently are out of stock (only 2 contracts left).
All members who purchased 3% Daily Contract will continue to receive daily profit till the end of their contract. We will just stop selling new 3% contracts.

Many of our clients asked us to provide more profitable and affordable mining contract. We are happy to present you our new mining contract! Also all other contracts (1% Daily and 2% Daily) are always available and we will continue to sell it. You can still purchase unlimited amount of any mining contracts.

New Mining Contract allows you to earn 500% in 1 year. Please note that the profit will be available only in the end of the contract after 365 days.

Minimum investment amount is 0.0005 BTC.
Maximum investment amount is 0.9999 BTC.

Check out our updated profit calculator to see the exact amount that you can earn with this contract. Just select “AFTER Contract” tab in the calculator.

500% contract is already available in your dashboard, you can either buy new hashpower or reinvest using funds on your account balance.

Best Regards,
Fresh Mining Team.
May-9-2020 07:05:43 PM