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How To Protect Your Money. Fresh Mining Security Update.
Fresh Mining has finished major security update. Our Security and Anti Fraud Department upgraded our whole infrastructure by adding additional layers of security. Now all your deposits are stored on cold wallets, which are encrypted and located in several data centers in different countries. Even if somebody gains physical access to our servers, they won’t be able to get any information.

Your Privacy and Security is our top priority!

Nowadays it is highly unlikely that someone will hack your bank or email account unless you allow them to do it. Usually this happens due to users poor knowledge about security basics. Our team prepared the list of top tips that everyone should follow in order to protect their accounts and especially crypto assets.

1. Use strong and unique passwords for each site. Don’t use the same password for several sites. If one site or service gets hacked, all your accounts become compromised.
2. Regularly check your system with antivirus software, because many hackers use key loggers to steal your data. We recommend Avira or Avast software. It is free and highly efficient.
3. Install the latest updates of your operating system.
4. Always double check the URL address of the website. Scammers and hackers often create phishing websites (the exact copy of real website) and steal your passwords and money.
5. Enable Two-Factor Authentication. You can find this option in Settings section of your account dashboard.

Best Regards,
Fresh Mining Team.
Mar-28-2020 05:08:54 PM